Currently Loving August 2017

Although I love August, the fact that summer is almost over makes me emotional and sad. I love summer so much and knowing that the end is near is always so hard. That said, here is what I am currently loving (and yes, I am trying hard to be “present” and “current”)


August in Oregon. Dry and hot.

August in Oregon. Dry and hot.

1. Catastrophe

The first season was definitely the most funny, while the second and third are more dark and serious. Still, it’s a quick easy, mindless yet smart watch.




2. Dua Lipa; Be the One


This song will make you want to dance like no other. It is happy and sad all at the same time — and with a catchy beat and tune.




3. King’s Estate Rose Wine


This wine is smooth, fruity, and crisp. It is the perfect mixture of rose and pinot noir, making it a great drink on a summer or winter night.




4. Sriracha Salt


Salty and spicy, it adds the perfect spice and tang to any meal. A must for your kitchen.




5. Travel Auto Bingo


These travel auto bingo cards are great for any road trip. The kids and I loved playing with them on our recent trip to Crater Lake, and look forward to using them in the upcoming future car rides, too.




6. Running glasses


$25 dollar running glasses, yes please (or in my case, free since a dear friend gave them to me). They are the right price, the right weight on your nose, and great to run with. A must for your outdoor summer adventures.




7. NYTimes Mini Crossword App


Every day, I do Sudoku and a mini-crossword on separate apps. They are so much fun and make me feel smarter and wiser. It sounds dorky, but my dad and I do the crossword separately and compare scores/compete.  Dork.




So that is what I am currently loving this month. What are you loving and interested in this summer? Also, please send me your book recommendations — have read a ton recently, but I am always looking for more, too. Happy August!

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  1. I’m here for the wine. Lol, JK! But I love almost every British show out there from Luther to Black Mirror however, catastrophe has to take the crown. I love its transition from revolving entirely around comedy to focusing on other not so funny things but keeping the comedy element. Truly an underrated show that needs more attention!

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