Quickfire Interview with David Monn

David Monn, the style guru and event planner extraordinaire, is good friends with my mother-in-law, as well as our own wedding planner (from almost 10 years ago!). Glamorous, chic, and stylish as ever, he was nice enough to sit down for a quickfire interview.  Take a look!


David Monn, and his dog, Sammy. What a handsome pair!

David Monn, and his dog, Sammy. What a handsome pair!


Jeans: The Jean Shop
Shoes: John Lobb
Boots: John Lobb
Watch: Breguet Watch
Jewelry you wear everyday: Codognato Intaglio Ring
Workout wearUnder Armor workout gear –ALWAYS black


David all dressed up and ready to sell on QVC! Holiday season here we come!

David all dressed up and ready to sell on HSN! Holiday season here we come!




Preferred workout:  Running
Do you meditate? If you count the moment when I wake up before the sun rise and send my silent thanks every morning.
Tea or coffee
: Coffee
Guilty pleasure: Dessert, I once learned to ski to get to a piece of cake! True.
Hairdresser: Tommy Buckett


David is always smiling and carrying a positive attitude.

David is always smiling and carrying a positive attitude.




Where do you live? In the Flatiron District
Artist: Hiroyuki Masuyama
Favorite possession: Possessions for me represent meaningful choices in my life. I love my apartment and the sacred space I consciously created as a safe haven from the busyness of daily life. As a collector of beautiful objects I also love my Tang horses.
Flowers: Seasonal, but in summer a big bunch of marigolds really cheer me up.

Porcelain: Blue and White- of course.

Wallpaper: Ashley Woodson Baily has some beautiful floral designs (and she used to work for me!). Jill Malek also makes some beautiful creations for wall paper (and some are even edible- she once made chocolate wallpaper)

Minimalist or maximalist? Minimalist
Dinner party secret: If I told you it would no longer be a secret! But seriously, I will say that when I am pressed for time I will serve my favorite take out instead of cooking!

Favorite recipe: My Aunt Julia’s Angel food cake with Rose Jam
What’s always in your fridge? I often entertain so there is an endless supply of bottled fuji water in my fridge as well as seasonal staples such as cheeses or olives.


Putting together a (beautiful) event.

Putting together a (beautiful) event.




Who or what inspires you? I am inspired by artists and history. I love research into everything.

Favorite discovery: Going to Maison&Objet. I love the beautiful and inventive creations I find there. That is originally where I first found paper flowers back in 2006.

Favorite charity: I am a huge supporter of the Arts and Animals
Favorite color: at the moment I love a charcoal grey
Favorite movies: Merchant Ivory Films
Necessary indulgence: I love a beautiful book with over-sized photographs I will spend Sunday reading the latest books like “The Wirtz Gardens“, “PLANT“, my friend Darcy Miller has a new delightful book “Celebrate Everything” and of course now my book “ The Art of Celebrating


The look of his most recent book party in November.

The look of his most recent book party in November.




Favorite app: Technology is not my preference though I do love instagram. My handle is David_ Monn and I enjoy looking at the creativity online
Phone: apple iphone 6
Laptop or desktop?  Laptop
Favorite gadget: A conversation with other people


Summer casual beauty.

Summer casual beauty.



Thank you so much, David. You are truly a style guru and someone I always admire. To see beautiful parties and events styled to perfection, follow David on instagram. We love you!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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