Bellota-Bellota – Parisian Specialty Food Store

Every trip to Paris, I have to stop by Bellota-Bellota, the Spanish meat / fish store right near my in-law’s apartment. While there, I stock up on super delicious (and also super expensive) anchovies and tuna.


Can of fish.

Can of fish.

Kinda looks like tongue. But it is not.

Kinda looks like tongue. But it is not. And in each can, it holds about 6 fillets of anchovies. EXTRA LARGE anchovies.


Since Ken was out to dinner last night and I had nothing to eat (we have a pending renovation/move-out, which means our pantry is empty), I had a good excuse to open up the luxurious anchovies and treat myself to some fine-dining-fish-in-a-can.


My dinner.

My dinner.


40 euros for the tuna?  I KNOW, I KNOW, even MORE ridiculous. But the tuna is actually where it is at. It is divine. Problem is, I couldn’t take a picture of it last night because I didn’t want to open up a 50 dollar can and only eat a fraction of it since it was dinner-for-1. But it is incredible. And worth a trip to Paris, to the store, and to travel home with it. Dreaming of it now….


The box.

The box.


Sorry for such a random post, but trust me, the anchovies and tuna are seriously divine – worth a trip to this store (near the Champs-Élysées) if you are ever in Paris. Truth be told, I am a little overwhelmed with life right now. I tutored 5 hours just  YESTERDAY in one day, started to pack up my entire apartment, have the two kids finishing school in 2 weeks, the pending gloom of packing for the summer, (with a trip back to Paris with Cruzzie right beforehand); ALL OF THIS while still attempting to be a good mother and wife and friend and daughter and blog-writer. Fish, be it. Tuna, thank you for the post. Have a good weekend!

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  1. I have to say, I’ve never liked anchovies that much. But you make it look delicious in your Caesar salad! I need to learn how to cook like you!

  2. The Parisians have the best food. I lived there for several months and never ate better in my life. I think I’m going to have to whip myself up a Caesar salad after seeing how yummy yours looks.

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