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Last week when I was in Mexico (actually we left this morning at 4 am, #triste), I discovered Tajin and instantly became hooked. It tasted so good; that I had to put it on anything and everything. Truth be told, I was a little scared of looking at the ingredients because it was so addictive and good that I was convinced it had MSG. Reluctantly, I checked, and NO MSG, and instead, all natural ingredients (big sigh of relief).


Tajin. Vive la Mexico.

Tajin. Vive la Mexico.

What is it? GOOD QUESTION. Tastes like a spicy, paprika, salty spice. And it is, it is made with mild Mexican chili peppers (is there such a thing?),  lime juice, and sea salt. It claims to add an extra zing to fruits and vegetables, and honestly, it bring a WHOLE LOT of extra zing. So delicious ZZZZZIIIINNNNNGGGGG.


zzzziiiing. And don't you love the colors of Mexico? Thanks to my Mexican blood (my mother is from Mexico), I love colors, colors, and more colors.

zzzziiiing. And don’t you love the colors of Mexico? Thanks to my Mexican blood (my mother is from Mexico), I love colors, colors, and more colors.


My mother offered to buy me some for New York (thank you, Mama), and now I never have to worry about making my food zesty, spicy, and salty. YUMMMMMMMM. They sell tajin in many markets in the United States, and I highly suggest buying it and spicing up your food. You can literally sprinkle it on ANYTHING and it tastes delicious.


Dip it.

Dip it.

Basically, tajin is MSG (free) powder gold.

Basically, tajin is MSG-free powder gold.


So whatever you do, go buy this amazing sprinkle topping salty goodness. Hope you are off to a great week — we are currently in the air on our way to Puerto Rico for the next 5 days…I know, rough life (#blessed), and am hoping the kids make it through customs without playing hide and seek with the officers like they did when we entered Mexico 10 days ago….Vive Mexico!

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  1. Yum! I love Sriracha and think this spice would be a perfect addition to my hot spice/sauce obsession.

  2. The house you were staying at in Mexico looks GORGEOUS. I’m so jealous! Might have to try Tajin next time I make Mexican food. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. FYI: MSG is naturally occurring and is present in most things people consume on a day to day basis. It’s a rooted racial belief that makes people falsely claim MSG allergies, aversions, and reasons to avoid it.

  4. How were you able to check if Tajin has MSG? Do you have a list of ingredients?

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