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Recently, the Upper East Side has become more hip with good restaurants and stores (not that it makes the UES hip or cool… but it’s moving in the right direction….). My favorite addition is Hu Kitchen. Back in the day, I would take the subway downtown to Union Square, just to go to Hu Kitchen and get my hands on some cashew cream mash (think frozen yogurt, but not).  Now that there is a location close-by, I go there weekly to get my fix of granola, crack bars, raw brownies, and drinks. As a granola snob, I can safely attest that their granola is TO DIE FOR.  INCREDIBLE. And made with healthy, pure and raw ingredients!


Paleo Granola!

Paleo Granola! Say what??? SOLD SOLD SOLD.

Carrot cake!

Carrot cake! Check out the ingredients….so healthy!

Setting the bar high

Setting the bar high, and yes the bar for “I feel fine” is set way too low. Thanks to Hu Kitchen for providing healthy and nutritious products for New York City!


Flakes of heaven.


Raisins, nuts, and carrots. With spices and flavor galore.

carrots and nuts

Carrots and nuts mashed together.


Happiness in a bowl. Good to munch on dry.

with milk

Or with milk….


Go to Hu Kitchen as soon as possible and stock up on paleo pantry items, hot food, cold food, and desserts.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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