Three Natural Deodorants

You know what makes me nervous and sweaty? Traveling across the country with two kids. YUP, that is what I am doing right about NOW! As you read this, imagine a dotted line somewhere between the Pacific and the Atlantic with the two kids swiping all the energy out of me and making me swear I will never fly again. Oh, and then add on the smell of my stinky sweaty armpits. Great, right? Except that the reality is that I am actually smelling AWESOME because I have three deodorants in the mix. YUP, three different natural, wholesome, non chemical deodorants. And all of them work. And I am obsessed with all three of them.


The lucky three

The lucky three! I have officially sworn off mainstream deodorants with antiperspirant

Malin + Goetz Deodorant


I am a huge fan of this eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing roll on deodorant. It is alcohol and aluminum free, and is incredibly fresh, natural, and effective! Subtle smell, nice application, easy to travel with…



Malin + Goetz


Saint Olio


A recent convert of the Saint Olio body refresher, I also love this spray deodorant which has a much richer, fuller, deeper scent. The 100% natural forest-inspired blend is not quite a cologne or traditional deodorant, but more of an invigorating, therapeutic mist. The smell is strong, but beautiful. Kind of like a walking Christmas Tree.


Saint Olio

Saint Olio




It feels almost like applying a floral perfume — sweet, aromatic, rosy — a fresh scent to apply to your body! Aluminum free, natural, and purifying. Plus, I love the feminine and happy bottle.





Tops of the three different rotating deodorants.

roll on

Roll on.




The bottles of the three differently (and frequently) used deodorants. I love using these three and feel healthy, at ease, and covered with any of them!


What deodorants or natural products are you currently loving?  I will officially be blogging from Eugene, Oregon (my true home) for the next couple of months (land of the deodorant au naturel….)

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  1. I just joined the band wagon of using non-drug store brand deodorants. I have been using Crystal Body Deodorant Spray and it works well, except I do have to re-apply often. I’m committed to never going back!

  2. Smart decision! I have been using the Weleda (but green bottle) for a while now and absolutely love!

  3. I needed this because my friends have been insisting that I steer away from Secret, Dove, even Tom’s of Maine,etc.. so I am going to try one of these.

    Wish me luck!

  4. sooooo good to know, I have very sensitive skin so this will probably be a god sent!

  5. I am obsessed with Fat Faces Skincare’s Stank Stop. Love the product, the company and the name!

    • Cant wait to check it out, Jules! Thanks for the recommendation. Miss you! xoxo

  6. Oh this is right on time for me, Anika! Now that I finished my cancer treatments, I am swearing off any aluminum-based deodorants, but it’s hot up here in the Emerald City this summer! I’ve been using Arm & Hammer, but have to re-apply often, plus it doesn’t have much of a scent to it. I’m definitely going to try these – thank you!

    • Hi Lisa, I am so happy to hear that you finished your cancer treatments. Wishing you the best of luck and healing thoughts! And definitely try out these deodorants! Tell me which ones you decide on getting!

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