Quince Paste

Quince paste, known as membrillo in Spain, is phenomenal when paired with cheese (especially Manchego cheese). I first discovered this paste (more like a firm jelly) from my mom, who always has it in stock. It is sweet without being overly so, and truly is a great addition to a cheese plate.


Who knew? (My mom did).

Who knew? (My mom did).

You can buy it at Whole Foods or any gourmet store, and here online. In Pound Ridge (Westchester NY), you can buy it at Plum Plums, an adorable 500 square foot cheese store with more than just cheese (but a lot of cheese). Read about them in the Wall Street Journal here.


Plum plums.

Plum plums. YUMMMMMMM I ate so much cheese that my stomach hurt.


So what is a quince?  It’s a hard fruit that looks sort of like a cross between an apple and a pear. Most varieties you can’t eat raw. They cook up pink and have a sweet floral aroma. Similar to apples and pears, they’re in season during the fall.

Cheese holy cow good.

Cheese holy cow good.


The perfect cheese plate: a cow blue, a sheep manchego, and a stinky cow.

Quince, Manchego and marys.

Quince, Manchego and Mary’s crackers.


If you have plans to entertain this weekend, then I highly suggest adding a quince paste to your cheese plate. Your guests will be truly happy (and you will have something new to talk about!). Have a great weekend.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Hm, interesting. I’ve never had this but curious to see how good it is!

  2. funny my family from spain (Malaga/Bilbao) love this…..but my Family from Puerto Rico do this with Guava Paste….and its also great! Enjoy!

  3. It made me smile to read your post on “Quince Paste” – I grew up with Marmalade and for some strange reason it just makes me happy to see it making it’s way to mainstream tastes. I think my grandmother said it was originally from Brazil but we had it growing up in Mozambique. Love your blog, kind of indulging in a reading frenzy today, Thank you for sharing so many wonderful and interesting parts of your life.

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