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I have a close friend who is hands down the best cook in the world (actually, tied with my mother). Everything she makes in the kitchen is scrumptious, delicious, and out of this world good (she is also beautiful, loving, caring, stylish — damn I have AMAZING FRIENDS!!!!!). So when I was at her house last week and devoured a whole gallon of salad, I had to know HOW DO I MAKE THAT DRESSING? The salad was simple — cabbage and tomatoes — but I couldn’t stop eating it. It was the most delicious two ingredient salad I had ever tasted — all because of the dressing. My friend, embarrassed, said that the dressing was store bought (not her typical style) and said it cost her $17 for the bottle (NYC — your prices are totally bonkers a$$ crazy!).

Salad! But what makes the salad is the dressing....

Salad! But what makes the salad is the dressing….

So, the researcher and explorer that I am, I found the dressing. At $4.50 a jar! Direct from the source! A small business (one product only!) with a cult following!





It feels like finding GOLD!!!! I keep on high-fiving and congratulating myself for being so awesome and finding the incredible salad dressing at a good price. And let me tell you — this company gives me faith in mankind and makes me think that people are good, loyal, and well intended people. Why?


Dressing again

Dressing again


Crane Crest doesn’t have a website. You can’t order online. You just call a phone number, leave a voicemail with your name, address, and the number of jars (multiple of 6)  you want to order. And lo and behold, a day or two later, a box comes with the salad dressing and the invoice. YEP — that is right!! You get the salad dressing BEFORE you pay. This company has faith that people will pay (yes, not only will I pay, but I will now be a loyal customer) upon delivery.


My case of salad dressing. Better start making and eating salads for every meal of every day.

My case of salad dressing. Holy smokes — better start making and eating salads for every meal of every day.

The bill

The bill

Crane Crest

Crane Crest

Note: most people, myself included this whole experience, think of French dressing as orange.  That is Americanized French dressing.  Traditionally, French dressing is vinaigrette.  Read more here.

Self addressed envelope.

Self addressed envelope.

Good living...

Good living…


So not only is this salad dressing delicious and life changing, but the company itself is well run and unique. Do me a favor and order the salad dressing for your family (and neighbors). SO good.  Have a good weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Can anyone tell me if crane crest French salad dressing has a shelf life? I inherited a box 6pk
    Has a mail date of 2013. Still good?

  2. Could anyone send me the phone number for the Crane Crest dressing?
    I want to order some!


    • My friend Jered Ann Lynch here in Quogue, NY, gave me a jar of your Real French Dressing and I would like to order 6 jars of it, please. [I am using someone else’s comment box as I couldn’t find an email or phone # for you.–MM]

  3. A good friend let ‘go’ of a bottle of this remarkable dressing as a gift to me and we have loved every sensation it creates. I will be ordering some by phone number (617) 277-1325…unless I do so online.

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