Who knew that bike helmets could be so fashionable? I didn’t, until I noticed that I looked SUPER lame in my 1984-pink-leopard bike helmet that never stayed put on my head. So, I went bike helmet shopping and came out with new helmets for both myself and Cruzzie. And now, I think we look SUPER cool. They are not cheap, but neither is brain surgery.

red helmets

Hi good lookin'!

(No picture of me in my old school helmet. I searched and searched, but realized that the helmet was fugly, so I never took photos).

family bike ride

Family bike ride. Styling with our stylish gear.

My new helmet is from Bern. And I am totally obsessed with it. Yep, obsessed with a bright red bike helmet. But it is so awesome that I can’t help myself. I have always been an advocate of wearing helmets, but I always felt like a dork wearing my old one. NOW, I feel safe AND hip. The impossible is now possible.

Bern is a lifestyle action sport company specializing in head protection for non-motorized action sports. This helmet can be worn for biking and skiing. So it is 2 for the price of 1. DEAL! Bern helmets are made for men, women and kids, each with different models, purposes, and colors. You can buy Bern helmets at most outdoor and biking stores, so to see a list of stores go here.

Bern helmet

The version I got has a visor (if you want) for summer. It comes in various sizes so it really fits your head snug -- just like you want it. This helmet makes me feel totally safe.


Super cushioned inside! The inside has ventilation for the head to breathe, which is crucial for biking on hot summer days. And in all honesty, the helmet is very comfortable which makes me want to wear it. Big HUGE part of wearing a helmet.

Cruzzie’s new helmet is from Nutcase. I am equally obsessed with it, as it is functional, fun, and fabulous. Check out the variety of options for little kiddos! Too cool for school! Who said wearing a helmet was nerdy???? I love polka dots (big trend for Fall 2012 — Cruzzie is always ahead of the curve) and the bright red color. Matching mama and son.

CKN helmet

The cutie pa-tootie and his helmet in the bike Trailer (from Burley -- a Eugene, Oregon company that makes amazing bike trailers). Notice the orange sparkly cookie. It is a bribe we use for bike rides. Makes them more enjoyable when we don't hear "I wanna go home" after an hour....

My favorite aspect of the Nutcase helmet for Cruzzie (besides being uberly hip) is the clasp. It is magnetic and easy to snap on and off. It is much easier than the normal clip and takes half as long (therefore, less time for the child to get cranky and whiny).

Magnetic snap

Magnetic snap

Nutcase Helmets is a company from Portland, Oregon (Oregon Love!) and they make helmets for bikers, skaters, skiers, scooters, and any active sport. The designs are original, unique and imaginative; all that strike a chord with the kids that wear them. What kid wants to wear a super lame Spider Man helmet? You can see their store locator here.

some of the helmets

Here are some of the many different designs that Nutcase offers. Love.

No one says it better than Nutcase. I love my brain.

true dat!

Both Nutcase and Bern helmets are worth the investment. Education is expensive and our brains are valuable!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I love biking!! The helmut I have now is super unfashionable… I love Cruz’s polka dots!! I want one!!

  2. Helmets and the bike trailer purchased at “Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life”, our family’s bike-stuff (including a couple of tandems and several single bikes) provider for decades! (It sounds like the memorable “free tofu” commercial by PBWoL…)

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