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Eugene is located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and has recently become the new Napa of the West Coast. People from all over travel to the Valley (um, like, totally) not just to go to the Olympic Trials for Track and Field or to check out Nike’s birthplace, but also to sip on Pinots (Pinot Noir, mainly) and to eat local and organic food (sounds heavenly right?). Due to the rainfall, climate, and soil, Eugene is a perfect location to grow pinot grapes. One of the most famous wineries of the area is King Estate, a premier wine company that distributes nationally.


Willamette Valley is the green section -- Northwest part of the state of Oregon.

Founded in 1991 by the King family, King Estate produces wines using organic & sustainable farming methods.  It is located on 1,033 certified organic acres — including 460 acres of organic vineyards and 30 acres of fruits and vegetables produced for the vineyard restaurant. The rolling hills, open sky, and fresh air make King Estate an ideal location to spend an afternoon. It truly is heavenly. A dream day would be to ride my parent’s tandem bicycle (one of their three tandems) with my love (no trailer behind us with the kiddos), bike the 20 miles to King Estate, have a leisurely and filling meal, then bike back to Eugene. PERFECT day.

Rolling hills

The Willamette Valley is a lush green due to the 10 months of rainfall. Although it is on the west coast just like Napa and Sonoma, it has a very different feel to it. Much more relaxed, and less occupied and traversed.

This past weekend, we ventured out to King Estate (by car, not bike) to celebrate my brother and his wife’s 6th year wedding anniversary. It was an extraordinary day. Blue sky, crisp air, fierce sun.


King Estate has an amazing restaurant that serves lunch, dinner, and appetizers. It is worth it to spend half a day there, not just sipping wines, but to enjoy the local fare and breathe in the fresh air.


A sampling of the Signature Wines.

Pinot Gris

My glass of Pinot Gris. YUM.

Pinot Noir

King Estate is most famous for their Pinot Noir.

Crab cakes

We started the meal off with crab cakes, made with dungeness Oregonian crabs. It was accompanied by apricots, roasted garlic and fennel.


Locally grown vegetables, wild salmon, and Oregonian goat cheese.




Ham sandwich with sweet potato chips.


The restaurant and main house of the winery.


Vines and lavender.

electric cars.

Parking for electric cars. Rock on, Oregon!




Barrels of wine.

Walking through the vineyard

Walking through the vineyard.


Mathematicians like me love the linear look of crops.

Fashion statement.

My brother, and ... fashion statement to the max, Papa Proskurowski.

I am admittedly ignorant when it comes to wines. I enjoy a glass of wine and champagne here and there, but overall, I am far from a wine drinker (or any drinker) — I just know that some wines taste good to me, and some don’t. It doesn’t stop me from bring picky (I am picky with everything), so finding a wine company that I believe in (local, Willamette Valley product, organic, and affordable) is a huge win. HUGE. And King Estate’s wine fits all the criteria to make it a perfect wine. Delicious.

You can find King Estates wines online, in liquor stores, and restaurants around the country. IAnd if you happen to be in the area, a visit to the vineyard is a definite must.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. The food looks amazing. I have only visited vineyards in Napa, but hope to visit King Estate.

    • Definitely worth checking out the Willamette Valley for all the vineyards!

    • It was delicious, but if you want to make your own crabcake, look at the previous post for the recipe! That recipe is really divine.

  2. The electric car charging stations don’t look like they are getting a lot of love. ha ha!

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