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Wallpaper as art — what??? Super duper unique, interesting, playful, and affordable. Just what we like in art! When we were re-doing the house in Pound Ridge, NY, we had a huge blank wall that needed some OOMPH but didn’t want to spend the $$ on anything. So, our lovely designer, Ali Tick, came up with the most innovative and smart move EVER (hence the reason she is the designer, and we are the consumers).  Wallpaper on a section of the wall, covered with plexiglass and large nails to LOOK like a piece of art. Brilliant.


Entrance into the house with the wallpaper in the center.

The wallpaper is a Christian Lacroix design and makes it look like a vintage Italian tiled kitchen! But on a dining room wall!

Full View

Full view. Don’t mind the mess on the table — we didn’t have a prop stylist to arrange the whole look!

This large piece of wallpaper was $350, the plexiglass was $100, and a local handyman screwed and nailed it together. And voila — ART! You can make it even more affordable with cheaper wallpaper and/or handmade kids’ art.


Edge of the art. Plexiglass and huge brass nails gave a sturdy and finishing look to the art.




Edge take 2. Just your basic nail screwed into the wall!


Thickness of plexiglass.

I must say, that this is one of my favorite parts of the whole house. It brings everything together and makes the house look finished and sophisticated, and at a reasonable price. Do you have any neat tricks that you have used for “art” in your home? I have a big pile of printed out instagram photos that I want to make into some sort of art display! Do share!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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    • Thanks! I couldn’t agree more — cost effective, original, and a good aesthetic!

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