Stanford Vacation

After spending the weekend in Costanoa, we continued our California vacation by spending a couple of days around Stanford University. As readers of the blog know, Ken and I started dating at graduate school at Stanford (although Ken and my brother were best friends and roommates at Amherst for undergraduate). It was extra special to be there with the kids and show them the various places that had an impact on our life (i.e. dating –> love –> marriage –> life –> kids). Not only did we go to Stanford, but my father did as well for graduate school (right after marrying my mother), so this place is special to the whole family, and not just me and Ken. Take a look at the pictures (and I promise this will be our last post on our vacations, as we return to NYC so soon).


My squad at the hotel.

My (good looking) squad at the hotel.

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Wednesday Post-Cinco-de-Mayo

I FEEL LIKE I DRANK TEN SHOTS OF TEQUILA LAST NIGHT! HUNG OVER! In reality, I am still recovering from our weekend and was in my pajamas by 6:15 pm.  We did nothing for Cinco-de-Mayo (my favorite holiday). But still, my head feels fuzzy….


EXACTLY! Follow @fuckjerry on instagram for belly laughs.

EXACTLY! Follow this guy on instagram (earmuffs!) for belly laughs.

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Stanford 10th Year Reunion

Although Ken is one of my brother’s best friends from Amherst, we actually first met at Stanford in 2003 for graduate school (me for Education and Ken for business).  Since “the Farm” was the place we met and fell in love (ahhhhhh), Stanford holds a very special place in our hearts. This weekend marks the 10th year reunion of Ken’s GSB (Graduate School of Business) class. We are so excited to go to Palo Alto and pretend we are in our 20s again. We can’t wait to see so many of our good friends, go to In N Out, walk the dish, eat Mexican food, bask in the sunshine, pretend we are bzillionaire tech dudes, and drive Priuses. Viva California! To get excited for reunion, we pulled up some pictures of us from ten years ago (GAG). Enjoy!


Business school students live much bigger than Education students. I lived on Trader Joe's and acted like a student. Business school students pretended they were millionaires and always ate at fancy restaurants, went on lavish trips, and dropped dinaro like it was their job. This photo is of us at Napa on one of our weekends there. SO FUN.

Business school students live much larger than Education students. I lived on Trader Joe’s and acted like a student. Business school students pretended they were (or were) millionaires and always ate at fancy restaurants, went on lavish trips, and dropped dinero like it was their job. This photo is of us at Napa on one of our group weekends there. SO FUN.

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Tsunami Survivor

The past several weeks have been a serious blur of not sleeping, trying to balance out toddler and baby, finding my own time (does it exist?), feeling like an alien in my own body, having raging crazy hormones, and dealing with a new beginning. I have the tendency to see things half-empty instead of half-full. It is during these low times that I need to realize how blessed I am and how thankful I should be. Not only do I have a wonderful husband and two growing children, an amazing supportive community, and remarkable friends and family, but I am also alive, healthy, and happy. Life can easily disappear right before us, and it is important to live each day to the fullest. Recently, I have known too many people that have left *Life* too early…


I am truly lucky to have so many wonderful friends. I feel so fortunate to know a wide variety of different types of people with such varied backgrounds and stories. Everyone is unique, and each has their own story. Most of my friends touch me in ways that they don’t even know. One of these friends is a wonderful lady named Laura Wales Holliday.


Laura — pretty as can be. Always a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

Laura and Ken became friends at Stanford Business School. Although I knew Laura from social gatherings and events, it wasn’t until we both ended up in New York post grad school that we became friends. That said, she had already deeply influenced my life. Her story — courage and survival — made such an impact on my life that I had often shared it with other friends or strangers, passing along her strength, life, and passion, and reminding people to be thankful of the life that they have been given.


Sadly, Laura was involved in the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004. I remember learning about the tsunami with Ken when we were on a ski vacation with my family on Christmas vacation that year. We heard about it on the news, and instantly, Ken became nervous, as he knew that he had many classmates in Thailand on a study trip. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that we learned the impact of the tsunami on Ken’s classmates, including Laura. Here is Laura’s story, which provides such inspiration and a message to live life to the fullest and be fully thankful for everything that we have. For the past 9 years, I have read this aloud to my students as I know EVERYONE can take something away from Laura and her strength.



Tsunami on Koh Phi Phi
by Laura Wales

January, 2005

Ever since high school I have had a deep-seeded fear of tsunamis. I’m not sure what triggered this fear, as I had never had a bad experience with the ocean. It is just my thing. Some people have recurring nightmares about plane crashes or falling; my nightmares are of tsunamis.  While on a Stanford Business School study trip to Thailand during winter break, I told our accompanying professor about my fear and asked him to calculate my risk of dying in a tsunami. He laughed and told me my chances were “less than zero percent.”

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