Greetings from beautiful Northern California!  We just had an amazing weekend catching up with our Stanford friends in Costanoa. Part camping, part hotel; basically high-end roughing it. Not camping, but pretending to camp.


Our bungalow, aka a yurt. This little shelter is made up of plastic walls. Like a tent, but actually a little cottage.


Inside, pretty swanky right? A double bed and a bunkbed camping? My type of roughing it.


Cruzzie climbing up the bunkbed. Although there was our bed and a bunk bed for the kids, we somehow ended up every morning with the four of us in our queen. Thank goodness none of us are over 5’8”.


We were one of six families on the trip, most of us in a line of yurts that were side-by-side.  After putting the kids to bed, we spent our evenings outside at the firepit.


Costanoa branding.


Costanoa is on the Pacific Ocean, 10 miles south of Pescadaro / Half Moon Bay and 60 miles south of San Francisco. It tends to be foggy and moody, but oh-so-beautiful.


A hike. And “camping” always goes with “hiking.”


Rockband cover album.


Even more moody and dramatic. The group of us. And I must say we all have nice teeth.


My boy.


This shot is so “Big Little Lies” on HBO. It just screams drama and romance.  Credit: Ken


This is our crew. We were lucky to have our own little lawn, so the kids played all sorts of fun games all night and day, while the adults hung out and chatted. Yes, grownups are not as fun as kids.


At costanoa you could also RV camp, tent camp, and even stay at a lodge (with a bathroom and running water, which our yurts DID NOT have).


Looking out to the sea, and playing soccer with a rainbow ball.


The lineup and the coach.


The restaurant. YUP, there is even a restaurant that serves meals (but coffee doesn’t start until 7:30 am, which with lots of kids, is somewhat late).


Our weekend attire.


And rose in a solocup, yes please.


So overall, it was a great weekend full of activities, food, conversation, and good old fashioned fun. We can’t wait to return to Costanoa next summer and highly recommend it.  We are staying at Stanford for the next couple of days, reminiscing about our graduate school days here and showing the kids our old lives — we really miss California.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Love Costanoa! Went there for a work retreat a few years ago, then took my family.

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