Pastis Sunday AM Brunch

It’s not often you can find somewhere in Manhattan to eat that is a) trendy, b) kid-friendly, c) guaranteed not to have a wait, d) guaranteed to have a parking spot DIRECTLY in front of the restaurant.  We have struck gold!

One of our favorite Sunday morning activities is to drive downtown to Pastis to eat a delicious and quick breakfast right at 9AM. Located in the heart of the meatpacking district, Pastis is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. At one point, it was super trendy and truly the place to be. Although now less of a hot destination, Pastis continues to serve delicious French bistro food, and is great for an early morning treat with the family. And because it is no longer the “it” place, you can wear pajamas or workout clothes and not feel like a complete dork. Like I do. Check out the menu here.


Because the meatpacking district is all about clubs on Saturday night, the streets are empty on Sunday morning. Guaranteed parking right in front of the restaurant -> nice. Scaffolding -> not so nice.

side view

The only car on the block (almost).

family friendly

Extremely family friendly. And workout clothes friendly, too.

garbage truck

Don't look too closely at my face. Not awake yet. Where is my coffee?


THERE IT IS! Thank goodness!


View of the classic French bistro. We were lucky and got a nice table with open space for all our junk. We never travel lightly....whether it is two blocks or two miles or across the country. We come (overly) prepared. You name it, we have it in our green bag.

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