Natori necklaces!

Some people don’t know, but Natori now makes to-die-for necklaces. And they are absolutely amazing. The necklace that I am most dreaming about is the Josie Natori Layered Burned Horn Necklace. It is bulky, big, out of this world, earthy, autumny, and hip.

Natori necklace

Awesomely Huge.

I can imagine wearing it with a solid shirt/sweater/tank and jeans and making the perfect and just-right outfit!

On model.


Natori wooden necklace

The awesome large-and-in-charge necklace around my neck.

Here are more Natori necklaces to look at!

Natori necklaces

In Natori fashion, all these necklaces are fabulous, large, statement pieces. Not for the shy!

Happy Wednesday! More on Friday!

AYN, a.k.a., The Josie Girl

Josie Girl

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  1. I bought a Natori necklaces last season and my friends can’t stop talking about it! Natori’s designs are always so unique and different from all other designers. I love the one you are wearing… I know what to add to my holiday wish list. Thanks!

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