Easy Father’s Day Gifts

Don’t look now, but Father’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, June 17th). I am pretty good about thinking ahead about gifts, but Father’s Day is definitely an exception. This wasn’t as big a deal before we started having kids, as my father is pretty laid back.  But given my expectations for Mother’s Day gifts from Ken, I feel like I need to step up to the plate a little more.

With that said, here are some quick last minute Father’s Day gifts that may look more thought out than they actually are (I hope Ken’s not reading this):

Johnnie-O Shirts

I already did a whole post on them, but in case you didn’t read it, I am a big fan of Johnnie-O shirts. They bring a West Coast flair to the otherwise too boring East Coast polo shirt.  Ken has about 15 of these, and wore them every weekend until he realized they were in all of our weekend pictures (check out the post… I am not joking).  They also have matching father/son shirts, which is an easy lay-up thoughtful present.  For those of you in New York, they are launching a pop-up shop Thursday night at the Roger Smith hotel.  Ken and I will be at the launch party- feel free to come and say hi!


Miansai Medium Wrap Rope Bracelet

This may not be for everyone, but I got this bracelet for Ken a few months ago, and I think it has definitely made him look a little more hip.  This works for him since he works in fashion, but admittedly may not be ideal for everyone.  And I definitely know some fathers (i.e., mine) that would never wear this.

Available at Barneys.com

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