Sunday NYC Brunch- Bubby’s, Meatpacking District

As I am in Italy on a fun girls trip (more later), here is Ken with a quick guest blog post from his solo weekend with the kids:



Most people think of the Meatpacking District as a trendy neighborhood in Manhattan with shopping, night clubs, and buzz.  It is also our favorite neighborhood to have early Sunday brunch (actually breakfast), as it is completely empty, has really easy street parking, and sets you up for a bunch of post-breakfast activities.  Our old stomp was Pastis (mostly known for being trendy, not for being a kids-friendly brunch place).  But since that closed down, our new Sunday morning brunch spot is Bubby’s on Gansevoort.  Easy, empty, delicious, and well-located.


Parking isn’t allowed in the neighborhood until Sunday 6 AM.  So early Sunday morning parking is a breeze.

In either direction.


8:30 inside Bubby’s. Barely a soul. Definition of kid-friendly.  And they have crayons.  I forgot to take food pictures, but the kids pancakes are good, and my favorite is the duck and cranberry hash with fried eggs.


Crayons in action


Also friendly to new American Girl dolls.  Don’t ask.


The entrance to the High Line is across the street… The Standard Hotel in the background


The kids ran around for a good half hour. Good to get the energy out before a full afternoon of watching football.  There is also a kids ice skating rink at the Standard if you’re feeling really ambitious.


The kids first introduction to nostril art


Gratuitous Benihana shot from the night before. (Midtown)


While I admittedly get a lot more pleasure from (a) driving in Manhattan, and (b) parking in Manhattan than most, the Sunday early AM brunch in the Meatpacking is definitely a ton of fun (insert red, underlined 100 emoji).

Josie Girl

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