Who knew that bike helmets could be so fashionable? I didn’t, until I noticed that I looked SUPER lame in my 1984-pink-leopard bike helmet that never stayed put on my head. So, I went bike helmet shopping and came out with new helmets for both myself and Cruzzie. And now, I think we look SUPER cool. They are not cheap, but neither is brain surgery.

red helmets

Hi good lookin'!

(No picture of me in my old school helmet. I searched and searched, but realized that the helmet was fugly, so I never took photos).

family bike ride

Family bike ride. Styling with our stylish gear.

My new helmet is from Bern. And I am totally obsessed with it. Yep, obsessed with a bright red bike helmet. But it is so awesome that I can’t help myself. I have always been an advocate of wearing helmets, but I always felt like a dork wearing my old one. NOW, I feel safe AND hip. The impossible is now possible.

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