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I had lots of different ideas for my son’s 14th birthday party, but due to last minute planning and bad weather, we ended up with an organized scavenger hunt in Grand Central. Although thrown together last minute — it was a hit and I highly recommend for adults and kids alike. It was a private event, created by Watson Adventures, and it was sooooo much fun. The questions were quite difficult and we ran all around Grand Central trying to figure out each clue.


We met with our guide at a meeting spot, downloaded the information we needed on our phones, and took off. Since there were only 6 boys (and myself), we were one team, but I created prizes for everyone. It was highly competitive, everyone was very engaged, and we all had so much fun.

There were 20 questions, so initially I bought 21 gift cards — planning on giving one card to each correct answer. But in the end, I decided that each boy would be given 3 cards, but the one with most points, got to choose first. Then the other remaining cards (3 of them — I gave out for different categories). They were HUGE hits.

We ran around so much that I sweat a ton!

And it was super informative — I learned so much information on Grand Central.We all did! (I had to be with them at all times, since they were under 18). I didn’t mind and had so much fun!

Grand Central is also so beautiful.

We had 90 minutes to complete the 20 questions. And then had time for some bonus photos.

Our team.

Highly recommend it — great for families, bonding experiences as groups, or teens. After our adventure, we went to Benihana to eat and distribute the gift cards, home for cake, matching pajamas, and late night movies. A great birthday party in the books.

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