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OOPS sorry for that hiatus — it was not my intention to go rogue on the blog, but I was in Europe traveling around, and even though it was relaxing and not busy, I didn’t have the motivation to put these together. I apologize! But now I am in Oregon and am MOTIVATED and ready for so many great posts — so BE PREPARED. THE BLOG IS BACK. I already have so many ideas to share with you all! First up, is my new favorite floral hat. Years ago, I purchased a pair of floral shorts made in NYC (as seen here) and I have worn them and loved them oh so for the past 3 years. I finally purchased another item from KasMaria, and this time, my floral hat.


This was taken on Sunday — our first day in Oregon — totally jetlagged after 3 hours of sleep, but we still went on a hike. And I love my new hat so much.

But of course, the kids like it too.

It looks good on everyone. I think it looks best on them over me, but I still love it.

It is flat brimmed, but you can bend it if you want to have it more curved. I personally love the flat brim.

Made by hand!

Another hike, the same hat.

HOW CUTE, right?


I love the combination of the feminine liberty floral prints with the masculine flat brimmed baseball cap. It makes me so happy! To purchase, go here. I hope you are having a great month!!! More on Friday — so check back!

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