Paris Recommendations 2023

I know everyone has their list of favorite places in Paris and what’s the best thing to do, but here is my current list of favorite activities I did this past month while in Paris.





This restaurant was recommended to me by a french friend — and it was perfect in every way. VEGETABLES, ONLY FRENCH, ROOF TOP, BEAUTIFUL. I loved every second.

The view was incredible.

The food, ambiance, everything was insanely perfect. Highly highly recommend and would go back in a heartbeat.


La Suite Girafe


Girafe is everyone’s favorite, but few know about the even more exclusive and cool “La Suite” which is upstairs from Girafe. Food was delicious, another incredible rooftop and top notch experience. Highly highly recommend.


Hotel Particulier


Another recommendation by a french friend, this restaurant is the perfect little terrace. Remote, intimate, and romantic. Loved it. Perfect for lunch while roaming the streets of Monmartre.




Always a beautiful lunch with the perfect food and vibe. Can’t miss Loulou — have been going for years and love it every single time.

The perfect dessert.




River Limousine


Due to a mishap, we didn’t just get to ride the Seine ONE night, but TWO. It was so beautiful and lovely — a highlight of our trip. To get in contact with the boat, email Goran at: . He is a lovely man and the service was top notch. It is not cheap, but well worth it.


Versailles Guide


We went to Versailles not once but twice. Yes, I know, but it was different and we we found out so much information. Our first guide you contact him directly — highly recommend it. Much more economical and the same type of guide. I would just recommend going on a bike ride along the gardens after the tour of the house. The guide’s name is Anthony. Email him or whatts up:¬†Phone¬†: 33665242176


L’Ouvre Guide: Meet the Locals for Families


Another local French company with great tour guides and a more economical approach than going through your travel agent. We had a great guide who set us on a journey to find out who stole the Mona Lisa (who we had googled about right before our tour while dining at Loulou….but still….so fun).





Picnic under the Eiffel Tour


One afternoon, we decided that we would have a picnic under the Eiffel Tour, and so we spent our day getting all the necessary ingredients for our picnic — food and striped shirts to match. We went to 5 different stores (or more) for all the necessary food. We laughed, played games, ate food, and had the best night. Highly recommend.

Best photo taken by a friend who had just arrived in Paris. I love this photo so much.




I mean, let’s be honest, is there anything better than crepes???? We ate a crepe per day. And they were always divine. Nutella with strawberries or bananas, depending on the kid.

My favorite.


Best Pie in Paris


Hands down the best sweet I had in Paris the entire time — a pie from Les Petits Mitrons. Served to us at my french sisters home — it was unbelievable, and I would travel to the 18th arrondisment just to pick it up. Insanely goof.


There you have it — my current favorite spots in Paris. If you have any favorites, do share! I have a long list and would love to hear any suggestions!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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