Passover 2023

Happy Holidays to everyone – Passover, Ramadan, Easter and/or Spring! There is definitely a change of season in the air — both the flowers and trees, and sunshine and /or rain. A time for rebirth and growth.


I love this.

Last night, we celebrated Passover with some of Tusia’s friends in a lovely and wonderful evening. Ever since many of our Jewish friends have left NYC who always included us in their Jewish holidays (Alicia!!!! Camilla!!!! We miss you and your holidays!!!!), we have not celebrated in many, many years. So this year, I asked our dear friend if she was going to have a seder….and so she put it together and it was perfect. My kids have not celebrated Passover in years and it was nice to show them a tradition that I had growing up.


The appetizers. You are not allowed to eat anything made with flour during Passover (8 days), so the appetizers were the most delicious Potato Chips from William Polls, cheese, and veggies. We were all starving and devoured them all.

Manischewitz is SO Jewish — and reminds all Jews of Passover.

The matzah — oh and cuties Tusia and Juliette.

The friends. And the seder plate.

The Haggadah — that you read aloud during the Seder to learn about the history of Passover and all the different parts of food that make up the dinner and why you eat them.

The table. I grew up with the seder mostly in hebrew. This time around, it was 80 percent in English with only the prayers and the songs in hebrew.

Tasting the Manischewitz. It tastes like cough syrup, but is actually 11% alcohol.

After finding the afikoman, the kids all got their gifts, and sat around playing.

The BEST maccaroons!!! I need the recipe!!!

Chocolate covered matzah — so good.

The mixed family.


I am so thankful that we were included in this nice evening and to be able to show the kids some of their heritage. Made me nostalgic! In any case, happy happy. Enjoy SPRING!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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