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Due to the many holidays last week (Passover and Good Friday), we had two days off from school. That meant, a lot of exploring in the city to occupy us. One adventure that the kids ALWAYS like is finding a new ramen restaurant. So after some research, we headed down to the East Village, to Ivan Ramen. There are many locations in Tokyo, but this one is the only one in NYC (and has been here since 2013). It was delicious, fast, easy, inexpensive, and fun to try. We will definitely go back again.


We sat outside in our own little courtyard which was perfect because it was Spring-ish, and nice to be in the fresh air.

We ordered a lot of food and devoured it all!

Kids Ramen — with chicken and egg.

Me and my date, Toosh had her good friend Juliette with us.

These spicy cucumbers were AMAZING and even Toosh who doesn’t like spice, couldn’t stop eating them.

Fried lemon miso brussel sprouts. TO DIE FOR.

Japanese Fried Chicken — also so good.

Our food.


Afterwards, we went to a Boba and Korean Shaved Ice place, Lazy Sundaes, that was two doors down. A HUGE HIT.


Lazy Sundaes.

Oreo Korean Shaved Ice.

With gummy worms.


Highly recommend trying both these places out — a fun way to see the city, and eat all different types of foods.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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