Currently Loving December 2022

Here we are — December! Cross that out — MID DECEMBER! Here is what I am loving!


1. The Old Man and The Pool


I went to this in early December and it was SOO funny. I loved the 75 minute one man show and highly recommend anything that Mike Birbiglia does. In this production, it was about aging, and it could not have been more relevant or in tune with life. LOVED it.


2. Rat Ornament

My favorite new ornament — a rat carrying a pizza. My favorite NYC rat story is that when I first moved to NYC, the first rat I saw was in a subway station, and was carrying a piece of pizza — not dragging it — carrying it. IT WAS THAT BIG.


3. Zara Kids Boots


I bought these for my daughter and I love them so much. They go with everything and are inexpensive, too.


4. Crafting


I am constantly needlepointing, but I went back to stitching and making bookmarks. This is my newest favorite bookmark I have made. And I love crafting when it is too cold to leave the apartment…..


5. Tired Monkey Wallpaper


Holiday mood.


6. The Tools


As I wrote about in a previous post, I love Phil Stutz and his outlook on life. I am in the middle of this book and love the tools and words of wisdom.


7. Huberman Lab: Happiness episode


Hands down my favorite podcast, and my favorite episode. Worth listening to — long, but very good.


8. Moulin Rouge


I went to Moulin Rouge last weekend and absolutely LOVED it. So fun, pretty, theatrical, and beautiful. A must see!


9. Therabody Smart Goggles


After seeing these at a friend’s house, I immediately bought them. They are great for soothing headaches and eye soreness (I suffer from both).


10. White Lotus


I MEAN, who is NOT loving this second season of White Lotus. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it.


11.  Tik Pik

Ken had a retreat to Nashville with a business group he is part of, and got to meet a ton of musicians.  One of them sent him these innovative guitar picks, which stick right to your guitar.  Revolutionary!  A great stocking stuffer if you are a guitarist or have one in your life.

Tik Pik case

Pack of six in a great looking case!

Guitar pick sticks easily to the guitar face



What are you loving right now? Do share!

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