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We spent Thanksgiving with our besties in San Francisco, and everything they do is always perfection. The food they cook, their house decor,  outfits, life style, plants, vacations, absolutely anything EVERYTHING could be written up and presented as the best, because it truly is the best. So when they told me about this new knife, and especially with its amazing backstory, I knew I needed and wanted it (plus my knives are old and need a serious upgrade). But this knife isn’t just any knife — it is made from recycled skateboards.


Nacionale Bladeworks. This company is in the Philippines, which makes it that much more special.

The box came with some stickers and bandaids.

Look at the color! Neon pink! Could this be any more perfect? Skateboards, useful, and pink???



As soon as I started using it, I fell in love. It is SOOOOO good and feels so different than my other knives.

Every time I sliced, I wanted to document it — that good.

And of course, within the first hour of using it, I cut myself. Not fun. Not the knives fault — all my own.

Literally, googled this after my accident.


Even with the wound, I am a huge believer in these knives and want to spread the word on them. They are not expensive (the shipping is the same as the knife itself — $32) and are great gifts or a pop of color for you own kitchen. To see their knife collection, go here to Nacionale Bladeworks.

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