Currently Loving Early November 2022

Yesterday, I wrote that the date was November 2021. I can’t believe that it is not 2021, and in fact, it is almost 2023! Here is what I am loving right now in Early November.


1.  Zara Marine Jeans (for kids)


These jeans are the cutest and I wish they had them in adults sizes. They are Tusia’s first jeans (ever) and she loves them just as much as I do (which is never the case).

2. Momofuku Mushroom Buns


We are trying to consume less meat in our house, and so when we were at Momofuku recently, we ate mushroom buns instead of pork buns, and they were BEYOND!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!


3. Kooky Grocery Tellers


Yes, this was at Trader Joe’s….but it made me laugh. I typically hate costumes, but I loved this one.


4. Dramatic Skies


I was able to see my best friend from college who was in town from San Francisco, and this was our view when we met up. She has been through a lot in recent months (the death of her husband), and so seeing her meant even more. This dramatic sky seemed fitting. YOLO. Life is precious.


5. Habitat for Humanity


Through a friend, I have worked with Habitat for Humanity twice this fall. Both days have been extremely challenging and very rewarding. I highly recommend getting involved with this organization — it has been so fun.



6. The Foliage


Reds, yellows, and oranges — the trees have been incredible. Growing up on the west coast, you don’t see these kind of colors, and I so love seeing how they change.


7. Freeze Dried Strawberries


My kids had these snacks at a friend’s house and became obsessed with them. They are crunchy, sweet, and healthy for a snack.


8. The Watcher


SO SPOOKY but the cast is amazing and I can’t stop watching because I want to find out what happens.


9. Cross Country Coaching


I have been a volunteer three times a week at my daughter’s school for 5/6th grade cross country, and I have so enjoyed seeing the girls in Central Park running and being outside!



What are you loving this month? Happy first week of November!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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