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I love sunglasses as they are add style, pizazz, and flavor to any outfit without breaking the bank. And of course, they are essential for sunshine and protecting your eyes (obviously). I love to have a wide selection of sunglasses because you never know what mood or style you want for the day….but I love sunglasses that are off the beaten path and not as mainstream, well known, or at times, expensive. Here are the brands (and styles) that I am currently loving:


1. Grey Ant Status


I have had the black pair since 2016 and love them so much — and I love this color. Different but great shape.


2. Crap Eyewear The Speedway

Never breaking the bank, but always in style and on trend. Love Crap eyewear, and especially this frame!


3. Eva Masaki Chayo Greens


An updated aviator frame, I just purchased these and love how they are different. They come in a beautiful leather case, too.


4. Illesteva Lisbon


Illesteva sunglasses are trustworthy and great. And I love this cat shape in hot pink — FUN!


5. Costalots Diego


Costalots is the best friend of my college best friend and although I have never own a pair of their glasses, I see them on her all the time and they look amazing. She wears them both for her optical glasses as well as sunwear. They always look great on her and I hope to try these out sometime soon!



Ready for summer, here we are! June 2022 — we’ve got this. Do you have any sunglasses or frames that you currently love?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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