McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil

Recommended to me by a friend who is the connoiusseur of everything and anything, McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil, is THE olive oil to use. She says it is the best of the best, and because I trust her with my life, I just placed a huge order of olive oil for my kitchen (and we go through a ton of olive oil, so I can’t wait for this order!) This olive oil is “Rooted in Italian craftsmanship with a bold Californian approach,” — and Italians and Californians, they know their EVOO!


A mixture of all the different olive oils.

Lemon — SO delicious. It is amazing in salad dressings, or sautee veggies.

For some added KICK and SPICE.

Easy to use next to the stove.

A bigger bottle to store and then refill the smaller one next to the stove.

And an even BIGGER bottle.

The back.


So if you love cooking and / or good ingredients, try McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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