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As you all know, in the past two years (thank you, pandemic hobby), I have become an avid needlepointer. I have made hundreds of coasters, pillows, sunglasses holders, and ornaments. I keep them or give them to friends and family. But this past week, I finally *SOLD* one of my creations and I am so happy. Yes, I  made about $2 per hour, but I love the process and the creation, so the money in the end isn’t the important part. I collaborated with upholster, Chairloom, to make a beautiful chair and I am so proud of the final creation that I had to share with you all — thank you for letting me share! We worked together to find the right vintage chair, perfect fabric to match, and then Chairloom put it all together. Take a look!


The chair! I did the BIG needlepoint and then teamed up with Chairloom. The chair is actually a tiny small chair — which we loved — BIGGIE SMALLS in a tiny kings chair.

up close and personal.

I loved the hot pink velvet — we were toying around with other colors, but my gut said to go for the most ridiculous and out there color. Definitely specific, and not for everyone, but I knew that if it didn’t sell, then I would be happy with it.

Finished canvas before I shipped it to Chairloom.


Chairloom posted it to their IG and website and within a couple of hours, it sold! Mind you — we have created several pillows together that have been posted to her website (my needlepoint work, her fabric and putting it together) and nothing has sold……so apparently the big risk of color and pop culture spoke to people! Happy week — have a good one.

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  1. This chair is stunning. An accent piece to be used in so many places, so many ways. Beautiful work.

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