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For the few of you who don’t know about WORDLE, I feel like I need to tell you about it. It is a word game that gives players six chances to randomly guess a five-letter word. If your letter is in the right spot, it shows up as green, and if it is a correct letter but in the wrong spot, it shows up as yellow. So you figure out which letter is in the word and if it is in the correct spot. You have six chances.


The hardest part for me is to try to figure out which five letter word to use….In general, I am not very good at wordle, and am much better at the mini crossword and at Spelling Bee.

So in this word, we see that R is correct, but in the wrong spot. Get it? It is worth playing and you will get addicted.


The wordle only shows up every 24 hours, so once you guess it (or miss it), then that is it for the day (probably better for us all to only have one shot at it).


Similarly to wordle, is nerdle! Nerdle is basically the same thing but with numbers!


Exact same thing! But if you want to start somewhere, do the MINI nerdle first!


So we know it is NOT a multiplication problem, but we know that it is a 1 by 1 digit, and that 1 is one of the digits in the problem.


My son, Cruz, is much better at this than I am. He just looked at it and said that I didn’t have the right strategy for the second line because we KNOW there is a 2 in it and should have used it….


OK, so if you want games to play that use your mind, highly recommend WORDLE and NERDLE! Enjoy!

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