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Thanks to a girls trip, I discovered a new life changing app, Tricount. This app helps organize the expenses for all the different people involved. For example, this past weekend, instead of four people constantly splitting the bill, we just rotated who paid what and put it in the app. At the end of the trip, it calculated who owed what to whom. It was also very helpful as different people were present for different portions of the expenses, and this helped keep track of it all.


Girls trip — where I was introduced to Tricount!

It is super easy and free! You just have to download it to your phone, and then create a “trip” or an expense and share it with whoever is participating.

When you use it, you simple add an expense, what the charge was and who was there. It also can convert dollars and euros — so since we were abroad, we put in the values of euros, but in the end wanted the dollar amount. You can also share the balance at the end with texting it or emailing.

At the end, it has a balance and calculates who owes what. It is so easy and I will definitely use this app again!

Tricount does all the calculations for you in order to make traveling together real easy! Highly highly recommend this app to help split costs with groups in different situations.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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