Bras for Bigger Breasts: Bliss Perfection

Many people comment to me that Natori bras are only made for smaller chested women. But truth is, Natori makes bras for EVERYONE! Big small petite large, everyone! A dear friend of mine has a much bigger chest size than I do — and here is her testament. Thank you!!!




I am such a loyal Josie Girl follower that I regularly purchase many of the fun products she recommends.  My latest purchase based on Josie Girl’s reco? Ruth & Dottie pencils for holiday gifts for my team at work – so cute!  Alas, there is one category of recommendations by our beloved Josie Girl that falls on flat on my ears every time: bras.


Why, you ask?  Well, I was naturally endowed with a 34DDD chest, so the Josie Girl’s favorite bras like the Flora and the Feathers would not exactly “hold up” for me. So, for any loyal Josie Girl followers who love the Natori brand but have bodacious boobies that need better support than some of the “daintier” bras offer, I highly recommend my all-time favorite Natori bra: the Bliss Perfection.


Bliss perfection!


It is so blissfully perfect

Pretty little medallion adds a hidden element of bling

Perfect straps and closure that support but don’t constrict

Smooth coverage without any padding (for those of us who don’t need it!)


Delicate lace is signature Natori!

All different colors.

The back. Lace and smooth.


Plus, these bras somehow magically manage my 34DDD’s to look more like perfect peaches than mountainous melons. They also don’t separate toomuch but instead create perfect cleavage.  It is literally the ONLY bra I wear.  If you are well endowed too, give them a try.  Thank you, Natori!



Thank you, mysterious friend! love you oh so!


Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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