2021 Goals / Resolutions / Hopes / Dreams

Happy 2021! What a year 2020 was….so much and yet so little happened, all at the same time. And here we are in a New Year…I didn’t MEAN to take two weeks off from writing blog posts, it just actually happened. And it was the most time I have ever been silent on this blog since I started way back when. Maybe it was the wear and tear of 2020, but I just felt like I had little value to add. My days felt repetitive and mundane, and there was little creative juice or positivity flowing in my blood. But now, I am back! And what a way to push myself with writing out my goals / intentions / dreams / resolutions / hopes / wants for the New Year. Here they are…..


Wav(ing) goodbye to 2020.

1. Unsubscribe from Junk Emails


Harder than you think to unsubscribe from all the junk emails, but I hate checking my email to have 100% of the emails be promotional and junk. So now, every time I receive a junk email, I am going to take the time to unsubscribe from them all. Time to reclaim my inbox as my own!


2. Detach from Toxic People


Goodbye people who don’t make me feel good, and hello to the friends and people that love me for me. Simple as that. Not simple to do, but a simple act, I need to do.


3. Fully Embrace YOLO


COVID has taught me that life is precious, and that you only live once (YOLO). So once the music starts, I can not WAIT to go to as much music, theater, dancing, friends and family gatherings, as much as possible. I am so excited to dance, live, breathe, and soak it all in. I have missed it all so much and will never take it for granted again.


4. Run Big


I have many dreams of running this year. Some include to run my fastest marathon (Chicago? NYC? COME ON MARATHONS, I hope you happen this Fall!) and to run the Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon. The 42 mile plus run is no joke, but I planted the seed in some friends and I hope it happens. Because if not now, then when? YOLO. Running keeps me sane, and is a true passion of mine. It makes me feel free, alive, and just plain old happy.


5. Love Fully


If I die, I want everyone to know how much I love and care for them. I don’t want to regret ever not telling people that they matter and they are important to me. I have many friends that I always tell them how much I love them, and rarely do I hear it back. And that’s ok. I don’t want my friends and family to question my feelings about them, and I always want to make it clear how special they are in my life. It might be over the top, or cheesy, but YOLO. I have so many wonderful friends and family that I love OH SO MUCH and I feel so lucky to have these friendships and relationships.


6. Get a Six Pack


I had to have one superficial goal, right? And yeah, over break, I let myself “go” and somehow, I got a pooch. So time to get back in shape — do some core exercises (which I despise), eat cleaner, and be proud of my abs. I don’t like the feeling of covering them up and want a six pack. So goodbye rolls, and hello muscles. And yes, maybe a girl can dream, but let me at least try.


7. (Continue to) Seek out The Small Things


Giving myself a pat on the back, but I feel like in recent months, I have done a pretty good job at finding the joy in the simple things…I have made the effort to go every single Monday to the Flower District for fresh flowers, soak in the joy and happiness I find in needlepointing, savor my time rollerskating, and love the little treats of Ralph’s cookies. So I want to continue these small things that bring me much joy. At the end of it, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.


Jumping in to 2021.


As always, I love hearing from many of you on your own 2021 goals / resolutions / hopes and dreams, so send me an email or message as I love hearing from you! Happy New Year!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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