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I love tequila. Always have, always will. When I turned 25, the only drink served at my birthday party was tequila. I claimed that it is because I am half Mexican (true). Now a days, it is EVERYONE’S favorite drink and I am so glad that it is mainstream and you can find good tequila anywhere and everywhere. Even in tiny little airplane sized bottles!


A teeny tiny bottle with loads of fun as a result.

In two weeks, I am co-hosting a baby shower for my soul sister (sister from another mister) and one of the party favors is a mini tequila bottle — and not crappy tequila, but trustworthy Casamigos tequila. I know it will be a big hit and I am already giddy with excitement (yes, dork) for all the ladies to grab their tequila on their way back to work / school pick up. Doesn’t it just scream I AM FUN!!!????


Who knew you could find a dozen of these little bottles in a spicy little box?

It is actually harder to purchase these small airplane sized bottles than one would think. I tried ordering online but then the shipping cost was more expensive than the order itself…..

Luckily in NYC, you have liquor stores on every block. So I guess it was easier than one would think (but had to walk out of my apartment to do so). This little cute liquor store had them on the spot and OUT I went!!!


Isn’t it a cute idea as a little gift? I can’t take credit it for it though….at a friend’s birthday lunch last year, mini vodka bottles (with jelly candy lemons) were on each of our plates. Now I am searching for gummy limes to attach to these bottles…It just makes me smile! It’s the little things in life, right????

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  1. I vividly remember my first time trying Casamigos with my best friend. She recommended it and also I had been a Patron type of gal since she met me. Boy, I was so wrong haha.Casamigos is the way to go. I’m so glad to know their available at in NY liquor store. I must go tomorrow to pick up a few 🙂

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