Natori Obsession Convertible Bra

You all know that my favorite bra of all times is the Feathers Bra — it is truly the perfect bra. Yet, in an effort to try something ew, I just purchased the Natori Obsession Convertible Bra. Although it is not an everyday bra like Feathers, it is a great bra and I am happy that I have it in my collection. So if you are looking for some va-va-voom and added oomph in your life, the Natori Obsession Convertible Bra is right up your alley!


Thank you, beautiful Natori model!

Not me. Don’t look at the body, check out the gorgeous bra!

Unlined, but gold and flowery embroidery. LOVE.

All about the details.

Added padding at the bottom to give the bust a natural shape.

Not on body and still gorgeous.


I really like this bra (it’s no Feathers, but you can’t compete) and I am looking forward to trying out all other Natori bras this year. Do we dare say that 2020 is The Year of the Bra?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I’m in love with the details and construction of this one. Bonus points for it being an unlined bra. Can’t wait to try it on

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