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The internet was down in my house for four days so I apologize for the silence on my end. It still amazes how we ever lived without the world wide web — no music, no TV, no internet browsing — just quiet complaints about why there was no connection….But alas, all has been fixed and now back to reality of writing posts, sending emails, buying presents, and spending too much time connected. So here we are in the middle of Hannukah, a holiday that my family celebrates, along with many others. It is a simple holiday with just lighting of the candles, a prayer in hebrew, and gift giving. My favorite present for the season so far is this pair of metallic light up skates. I saw them at a always-in-the-know-super-cool-and-chic-friend’s house and instantly knew they were something I needed RIGHT AWAY. And sure enough, they have added so much value and happiness and joy into my life.


Metallic, light up, cool sneakers ON ROLLER SKATES. How could this not make you smile and laugh and want to be on skates?

Background of my roller skating obsession:  when I was in college in Southern California, my favorite activity on the weekends was to drive to Venice Beach and see a group of friends and people who were in a circle who danced, break danced, grooved, shared moments together — ALL on roller skates. I was always an observer but it was something that I consistently did and loved to be a part of. Even just observing them made me so happy. So seeing these retro metallic skates instantly made me think of those fun excursions.


Yes, we have been skating in the dark in the wee hours of the morning or at night, and it is OH SO FUN. What is even more fun is pumping on the music and really pretending we are at a roller rink.


So I bought a pair for myself and for Cruzzie…and it has been worth every cent. We have basically turned our dining room into a mini roller skating rink. We spend hours on them each day (yes, hours. NO JOKE. THEY HAVE NOT GOTTEN OLD TO US) and it makes us giggle, laugh, and smile. We are currently just in the house with them because I have not yet figured out how to brake, but as soon as I figure that out, we are going to move our skating to Central Park. And hopefully one day, we will be good enough to dance and groove on our roller skates and become a part of this group of roller skater dancers. Truly, that is my goal (no joke).


Cruzzie is currently using my skates because he has not opened his present yet….but as soon as he does, the two of us are going to be the DYNAMIC DUO ON SKATES.

I die. Truly, I die.


If you are interested in these skates, hurry up and purchase them NOW, because Vogue just mentioned them in their December 2018 issue, and I am sure they will sell out any minute. They are a great gift or a great way to feel young and hip for yourself.


Vogue December 2018! Validation that they are cool — but even without it, we know they are the coolest.


Happy skating! Hope you are having a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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