Oregon Coast 2018

Oregon has everything:  mountains, rivers, ocean, hills, valleys, lakes, etc. One minute you can be in the Willamette Valley, and the next, in the Cascade Mountains or on the Pacific Ocean. The kids and I just had an amazing weekend at our friends’ (Sara and Colin) family’s retro cabin on the Oregon Coast. Located 60 miles from Eugene, it was the perfect getaway full of outdoor adventure, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and good old fashion fun. Thank you so much, Sara!!!! Truly the best.


Oregon Coast is unlike any where else. It has dunes, sand, shrubs, rivers, lakes, etc…One of a kind.

Action shot. How could I not pretend I was 18 and have Sara take 500 photos of me trying to get the perfect shot?

Flailing — this was more like the shots most of the time.

Hills galore.

Friends for life. Sara and Colin’s daughter, Maggie, is the most beautiful, loving, kind, mature, wise, and friendly 9 year old. Tusia loves her, as do all of us.

They had so much fun playing in the sand together.

After the stop at the Pacific Ocean, we went back to their house which was on a lake. Talk about magical — holy cow. No motorboats were allowed and it was calm, peaceful and oh so beautiful.

We canoed and paddleboarded to the dunes that were across the lake and spent hours running down and playing on them.

You can’t really tell how steep these dunes were — but HOLY CRAP they are steep.

I decided I was meant to live on a lake.

More canoeing fun!

The neighbors had a trampoline on the lake — talk about FUN!


Thank you, Sara for the wonderful weekend! We are so excited to make it a yearly tradition.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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