Cabbage Salad

Adapted from my new favorite cookbook, Leon Happy Salads, this cabbage salad is crunchy, tasty, and super easy.


Rainbow salad!


* Head of red cabbage

* bacon or pancetta

* goat cheese

* parsley

* apple slices

* olive oil, white vinegar, salt and pepper

* roasted hazelnuts




* Slice thinly the cabbage, fry the bacon, chop the parsley, dice the apples. Mix all together with the cheese!


Thin slices of cabbage (my “thin” slices are more chunky than what I would have preferred, but NBD)

Apple, cheese, and parsley.

I smashed raw hazelnuts and roasted them (note, when I made it this past weekend, I left the hazelnuts in the oven for too long and they were a little burned. OOPS)

Cheese crumbles.

This is a lot of parsley, but I like a lot of green in my salads.

Rainbow salad!


* Dressing is simple: olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper


Because of the crunchiness of the cabbage, this salad lasts for a couple of days even when dressed. Actually, it gets better with time. It is a great addition to any meal — a must make for summer nights!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Yum! I need to make more of an effort to have salads, I will definitley try this one 🙂

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