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I love having fresh flowers in our apartment. I range from buying them at the corner bodega to having a florist put together nice bouquets. The problem is that although the corner bodega flowers are cheap and don’t last long, and the florist flowers are always gorgeous but way too expensive. So, when I found out about Leblum, I flipped!


Nothing makes me happier than flowers. Even more than chocolate. Or TV. Or a new gorgeous outfit.

These flowers are truly beauties. You can’t tell because they simply look like roses, but you can see and smell the difference when in person. Trust me.


Leblum buys flowers for you at the flower market in the city (not the corner bodegas), and then delivers them to your house. So yes, it is more expensive than going to the flower market (but who has time at 7 am to go pick flowers on 28th street)? but waaaaaay cheaper than an actual florist. I can’t even tell you how happy I am with the result. I decided to go simple and just get 24 roses — but they came so fresh and perfect, and they actually smell like roses! (Most roses at bodegas don’t smell like flowers. They don’t even smell like anything. BAD SIGN).


So pretty. I want them to last forever.

I am so happy with the find and can’t wait to use them for all future occasions.  They are also super easy to order online and the interface is simple and gorgeous.


So happy. Thanks, Jaimee for this incredible introduction to my new favorite way to buy flowers!


I can’t wait to order my next delivery of flowers….so many to choose from!! If you live in NYC, definitely take a look!

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