Tips for European Travel with Kids

Here are traveling tips when going abroad to Europe with kids (I need tips from you all on how to bring kids to Asia — GASP SWEAT GULP….6 months away and so nervous).


* Bring a scooter!




The number one pat-on-my-own-back is that we brought a scooter. They fold up easily and made walking 7 miles a day so much more fun and easy for kids!


* Make a scavenger hunt!


Red car! (and big yawn!)

Red car! (and big yawn!)


Randomly write down items that you might find in the street in Paris to make the kids interested in their surroundings. Such as “a red car,” a “green chair,” a “pizza store,” etc….


* Embrace carousels, sand boxes, and playgrounds!


Parisian Playgrounds are more beautiful than anywhere else.

Parisian Playgrounds are beautiful


The more fun the kids can have, the more fun you will have. At every tourist attraction there was a kids’ activity. I would always sit on a bench and let Cruzzie play, make friends, etc.


* Pack a lot of snacks! And be open to buying food at any moment.


After our snack sitting down on a cobbled street....

After our snack sitting down on a cobbled street….

I felt like I was carrying around a convenience store in my backpack, but I always made sure that there were options for us.


* Eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Gelato consumed number 300 of the trip.

Gelato number 300


Because WHY NOT? You are on vacation. It (the sugar) makes the trip more memorable and special.


* Move your schedule slightly, lower expectations, know that there will be breakdowns and meltdowns, and just go with it!


Sunset Scoot at 10 pm.

Sunset scoot at 10 pm.


This is hard to imagine as I am type A with sleep and my schedule. But I just had to let it all go…I went to bed when Cruzzie went to bed, woke up when he did, didn’t mind that we were out at 10 pm at night eating more sugar than normal, and just enjoyed our special time together.


* Take the subway!


Subway and scoot: we would take the scooter on the subway with no issue at all.

Subway and scoot: we would take the scooter on the subway with no issue at all.


Yes, much easier to take ubers and cabs, but so much more fun to explore the city with maps and subways. We had so much fun (and one day, got lost on the way to the Eiffel Tour because the RER was on strike which made our metro experience that much more memorable).



Do you have any travel tips for trips with kids? Do share! Would love to hear!

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