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Recently, a lot of blogs I read have been doing “round-ups” of interesting articles on the internet. I love those posts as they always have at least one article that interests me. So I am doing the same (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). Here is my current round-up:


Why read online when you can read the Lego catalogue in a sleeping bag?

Why read online when you can read the Lego catalogue in a sleeping bag?


I want to see this movie.


Good work advice.


Love Lenny. Love Amanda Peet. And love this essay.



How to break a habit.


Holy cow, this place looks ridiculously awesome.


I am taking Cruzzie to Paris in June, and this article is perfect.


OK OK OK, it is not an article, but it is a video about my total and utter obsession.


Not talking about politics, be damned. Worthwhile read about Drumpf.


5 things that make you happy.


A long, interesting, and worthwhile read on Living with Alzheimer’s.


How to approach boys, sporty or not.


The cortisol curve.


Life advice from Beyonce.


Playdates and the take on them from the NYPost. This whole thing makes me barf.




Have a good week!

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  1. This entire post just gave me life!! And props for the Drumpf mentions (love it). Life advice from Beyonce will definitely help me get through the week. Happy Monday!

  2. Were you a therapist in your last life? All of these articles are wonderful! Bookmarking them all for reference.

  3. I can’t believe “screenagers” is actually a term people these days are calling teens who are addicted to their phone. That’s sad!

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