Matcha Latte

I just hopped onto the matcha bandwagon and made myself a matcha latte! What is matcha (besides a word sounding like it is yiddish instead of Japanese)? It is a finely ground powder of green tea leaves. It is also all the hype in hipster, hippy coffee shops. And since I love all of the above (hipster, coffee, tea, Japanese, and hippy), I am now a matcha lover. Plus, it is gentle on your stomach, fights sickness, and makes you smarter. WIN WIN WIN. NO LONGER WILL I BE A BLONDE.


What's not to love about a green drink?

What’s not to love about a green drink?


I followed the directions from Bon Appetit on how to make a matcha latte, and although not as easy as pushing a button on a coffee maker, I actually like the slow and meditative act of boiling, pouring, stirring. It feels simple and healing. And I am 100% serious when I say that I can feel the difference when I drink matcha — I feel more alert, smart, and on top of my game. I cannot recommend enough!


The little tea tin.

The little tea tin.

Drinking a green liquid only makes sense to drink it out of a green mug.

Green drink out of a green mug.

My favorite mug from

My favorite mug from Global Table, which is a store downtown and on the Upper West Side, with a fantastic selection of ceramics.

Powdered matcha, hot boiling water, and almond milk!

Powdered matcha, hot boiling water, and almond milk!


To see the best matcha lattes served around the country, go here. To see the benefits of drinking matcha, go here. To see New York City matcha cafes, go here. To buy matcha, go here. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I recently bought some Matcha Booster from H Mart.. I have yet to try a hot latte though. It’s crazy how much more antioxidants are in matcha tea then regular green tea! (as I sip my regular green tea)

  2. Sold ! , heading to Whole Foods later today will certainly get some..if not overdue for an H Mart visit too! I need to feel more alert …get that pep back in my step!
    Thanks for looking out, Yael.

  3. I’ve never tried matcha green tea anything…yet! But now that you mention it, I must get some and try it. As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained 🙂

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