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My whole life, I have worn cheap and childish watches. Way back when, I had the Mickey Mouse watch that sang “It’s a small world after all.” From there, I graduated to a Timex watch with a rastafarian color themed velcro band. As an adult, I have worn a $60 plastic watch…. every…. single… day.  Some might say it is time to move on to something nicer and more grown up , but I like the fact that all my watches are simple, cheap, and do their thing. Plus, I prefer inexpensive watches to “nice” ones as the nicer ones are too much of a status symbol, especially in places like New York. Heyyyyy, check out my GOLD ROLEX — if I can afford 30K on my wrist to tell the time, guess how rich I AM???? So, plastic watches are more my jam.


Black plastic chic.

Black plastic chic. With the background of tie-dye pants — making my outfit THAT much more chic.

Recently, I have been itching to look a tad bit more polished, refined, and sophisticated. As a loyal fan of the New York Times style section, I noticed the below three weekends ago. Chic, modern, classic, and minimalist, the watch is from an Australian label called The Horse. I found my match! Simple, clean, tells the time, and just a little over 100 bucks! Truly a chic, affordable, and reliable way to tell time.  SOLD!


Check it out!!!! My NEW SHINY WATCH!

Check it out!!!! My NEW SHINY WATCH!

My wrist.

My (hairy) wrist.


Thickness of watch (with my upclose wrinkles. PAUSE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CAMERA IS IT SECRETLY A MICROSCOPE???? GROSS. Sorry).

Again! My watch!

Again! My watch! The Horse!


Anyone else have a fun watch or accessory to jazz up their summer wardrobe?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I was kind of expecting a picture of a horse. Why is it called that?

  2. I never heard of this brand before.. I love the different color combinations they offer.

  3. Woah new watch!!! Love it. I had a dream that I bought a watch because I want to actually be able to tell time. Now I am going to go check out these. Love it and love you!

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