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A couple of weeks ago, I co-hosted a baby shower for one of my besties in NYC. It was a huge over-the-top, atypical, and insanely beautiful event.  While it took place in a formal location, we wanted it to feel down-to-earth… solution:  we hired Flower Girl NYC to do the flowers. And man oh man, were the floral arrangements *out of this world beautiful*!  Although we dealt with a minor snafu with the delivery of the flowers, I can’t speak highly enough of the flowers themselves. They stole the show (although my friend was beyond radiant and gorgeous with her tiny baby bump, so it was a tie).


Every angle is perfection

Every angle is perfection. Can you take the beauty? I can’t….. Still dreaming of them.


I heard about Flower Girl NYC from various articles and knew immediately that it was the florist for us. We wanted a flowy, bohemian, organic, wispy look to counter balance the precise, tailored location. Something less formal and rigid than a typical florist, and more natural looking.


Baby shower

The arrangements on the long tables.

Greens and whites

Greens and whites mixed with the Jordan almonds thrown on the tables for an extra detail (and crunch).

The table

The table


Most flowers don’t last long in my house — but this arrangement lasted a full week! It was the arrangement that kept on giving and giving.


5 days old and still beautiful as ever.

5 days old and still beautiful as ever.


We requested our flowers to be white, green, and a tad of blush, with peonies if possible. Flower Girl arrangements always focus on what is available seasonally to evoke the changing seasons. And they did exactly what we requested — in terms of the overall look, the colors and the feel.


The vase.

How beautiful and unique is the vase?

Whites and blush.

Whites and blush.



can't take enough pictures.

can’t take enough pictures.




I definitely plan on using Flower Girl again as the flowers are so different and special, and will use these pictures as inspiration for events that I plan in the future. To read about Flower Girl on Vogue, go here.  Food and Wine, go here. New York Times, go here. Eye Swoon, go here.  Get the point? They are fabulous — and the flowers do all the talking. So happy with the result of the arrangements. So if you are in NYC and need a simple arrangement or a full-on-florist for an event, call them!

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