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SIMPLE SYRUP TIMES A THOUSAND! Morris Kitchen is a Brooklyn based company that makes exotic and tasty syrup for cooking and cocktails. A versatile product that enhances any plain, simple drink.



Started in 2009, Morris Kitchen, a brother and sister team, created seasonal and classic syrups for people to cook and drink with. They use seasonal New York apples, rhubarb and honey. With the fruit, they puree, juice, steep and preserve produce with salt and cane sugar, creating the innovative and exceptional syrups. In addition to Rhubarb, they sell Spiced Apple, Ginger, and Lemon Preserve. Don’t they all sound amazing??? A splash of that in your water and or liquor and BAM. PARTTTYYYY! Or poor over some vanilla ice cream for some extra flavor?


All you need to make a banging drink: seltzer water and syrup.

The syrup is made (by hand) in small batches with fresh, organic ingredients and then bottled in an apothecary style amber glass jar with a letterpress-printed label, and then stamped with the bottling date. The brother and sister team fill each bottle by hand. Talk about local, fresh, and devoted.


Directions. NOT ONLY is the syrup the right combination of classic and new, hip and old school, sweet and tart; but also look at the letterpress packaging. That alone, is beautiful.



To buy, go here or here. And they now sell at Williams Sonoma! A great holiday party hostess gift!

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