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Scandinavia not only produces beautiful people and unbelievable weddings, but also amazing products. One of my favorite accessories is its Lapland bracelet. Lapland, inhabited by the Sami people (the only indigenous people of Scandinavia), is a region in northern Fennoscandia, stretching across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Its bracelets are the best!


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Always ahead of the curve (and always a supporter of local artisan craftsmanship), my mom has given Lapland bracelets as presents over the last 15 years.  Now trendy in the United States (anything sold on net-a-porter is a big hit!), these bracelets are sold at various etsy boutiques, local artisan stores, and even large department stores.  They are blowing up!

Brown version.

A unique, everyday bracelet with a cool, tribal feel! Here is my brown version. From net-a-porter earlier this summer.

Black version from Sweden 15 years ago.

Black version from Sweden 15 years ago.

With watch.

With watch. And hairy arm.

mish mash. whooooaaa lots going on there!

mish mash. whooooaaa lots going on there!

Antler button in back.

Reindeer antler button in back.

One of the current designers of these bracelets is Maria Rudman, a former model and fashion stylist who grew up by a lake in Sweden (the bracelets are made both by indigenous craftspeople and designers). Based now in Paris, she designs her beautiful pieces based on the rich cultural history and tradition of the Sami in her native Sweden.

So many options, colors, styles, sizes!

So many options, colors, styles, sizes!

The bracelets are handmade in the traditional technique using reindeer leather and horn embellished with silver and pewter.

Intricate braiding.

Intricate braided pewter on leather.

Tribal, beautiful, handmade, and different! What is not to love?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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    • some black bracelet I have no idea its history, a gold link bracelet, a peridot and gold bracelet from my husband when we got engaged (and I didn’t put it on until the day my son was born and now I will never remove it) and a little other gold bracelet.

  1. love the mish mash of bracelets with chunky watch. *looking at my own. hairy arm included.*

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