Natori Holiday Outfits

Holiday Party season rolls on! There are still two more weekends of parties, galas, events, and outings to attend. So if you are in need of a new outfit, look no further!

Akemi Ruched Top

I love the shape of this top – it is a little different than other blouses, and I also love that there is more coverage. I have the tendency to freeze my tush off in winter, so unless I am staying at home and dressing up (chances are slim), then I would rather not have to wear a dress because that means my legs will freeze. So, a blouse and pants are a great fancy option.



On me. With pants. And heels. Elegant and easy.

Mirai Cape

So yeah, maybe not fancy or festive enough for a party, but some parties are more laid back than others. And being warm and cozy, comfortable and stylish at the same time sounds fabulous. You might not be the fanciest one in attendance, but you will for sure be the coziest!

Mirai Cape

Mirai Cape


WARM and fuzzy.


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a blanket!

Divina Dress

So if I am going to wear a dress out in the cold, it better be a hot looking dress. And this, my friends, is gorgeous. I love the vibrant colors, brush strokes, and uniqueness of this simple shape.


Davina Dress

Nice model pose.

Not only do these pieces look great for Holiday Parties, but also for upcoming Valentine’s Day events, nights on the town, date nights, and special events!

Until Friday, have a good rest of the week.

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl.

Josie Girl


  1. I was at Saks in New York last weekend and saw everything at the new shop. The collection looks great!

  2. Those holiday outfits look grand and very nicely modeled too. Do you have an outlet in Eugene, Oregon?

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