Natori Nut Bowl

RUN to your computer IMMEDIATELY and BUY this Natori Nut Bowl!


Check out this beauty!

Featured in Architectural Digest, this simple, perfect bowl is an easy gift for a coworker, aunt, friend, or teacher. (yeah, nope, not exactly a great gift for a sister though — here sister, is a nut bowl for you). Not only is this bowl detailed, elegant, and functional, the packaging is equally as sophisticated and as beautiful as the bowl.


Beautiful (and reusable) box that the nut bowl comes in.


Inside the bowl

Inside the bowl. Perfect for little munchies.

And best part of the bowl. 30 BUCKS. Yep, 30 bucks.

This wood grain nut bowl is made of hand cast aluminum, and would be perfect on a table with nuts in it (makes sense), or in an entry hall with candies (even better).

Hope you enjoy!

AYN, aka The Josie Girl

Josie Girl


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