Spring 2012 Josie Photo Shoot

The beautiful model getting ready to start the shoot. How great is the outfit? And the backdrop? And how perfectly gorgeous is the model?

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to visit the Spring 2012 Josie Photo Shoot. What a fun couple of hours! The shoot took place at Jack’s Studio in Chelsea in Manhattan. The large warehouse houses photo shoots for magazines, designers, advertising agencies, television shows, and photographers. The crisp white and modern flair of the studio creates the perfect ambiance for a photo shoot.

26th between 11th and 12th

The view from the photo shoot. What a beautiful crisp, fall day!

Hair and make up

Getting ready to start. Hair and make up by the master Liam Dunn.

Liam Dunn has worked all of the Natori photo shoots for the past several years. He is known as the Jack of all trades, as he does both make-up and hair. Obviously a pro at making girls look beautiful, he is also approachable and kind.

Make up

All the Nars make up used for the model.

Look at the perfect natural light coming into the studio!

touch up

Final touches.

Natori earrings and bracelets

All the Natori accessories used to style the model. So many stylish options to choose from: earrings, belts, necklaces, sunglasses, and bracelets.


How awesome are these Aldo Leopard Wedge shoes used for the first photo?

Natori bracelets

Clunky and chunky, yet glamorous and chic Natori bracelets.

Josie bras.

Some of the Spring 2012 Josie bras. Vibrant colors, fun prints, perfect fit.

I can’t wait for the Spring 2012 Josie bras to come out (will be in stores and online in February). Until then, check out the current Fall 2011 Josie bras on the Josie by Natori website. In true Josie fashion, the bras continue to be fun, vivid, and special.

Lime Green Goodness

Lime Green Undies. I can't wait to get my hands on these!

Josie Orange Ensemble

The perfect orange undies paired with a comfortable and hip sweatshirt top. The first outfit worn by the model for the shoot.

Sleepshirt or dress? Works for both!

This piece works as a nightgown or as a dress.

Floral PJs

Some of the floral bras and ensembles for springtime.

Rack of clothes

The rack of clothes being photographed. Don't you just want all of these pieces in your closet? I am so in love with the neon and bright colors. The stripes. The floral print.

All the clothes and outfits were styled by celebrity stylist, Amanda Ross. She worked for Natori for the Fall Ready to Wear Fashion show in September, as well as on several photo shoots. She styles for many designers world-wide, as well as for TV shows and celebrity clients. Natori is so fortunate to have her on the team!


The studio was massive, open, airy, spacious, light and beautiful. An ideal place for a photo shoot.

David working

David Leung, Design Director at Natori, hard at work as he waits for the shoot to begin.

Photographer and crew

The photographer and his crew in last minute preparations. A photo shoot is quite the process and involves a lot of work!

Fall 2011 Photos

The same model was used for the look books for Fall 2011. Just as gorgeous, glamarous, and fierce as before. But with different hair this time around.

Stylist and model

Last minute styling from stylist, Amanda Ross. She scrunched up the hood, fixed the hair, and changed the position of the strings on the sweatshirt.


The model waiting around for the photographer to get everything set up. Even when not posing, she is so striking. And of course it made it better that she was sweet, smiley, and charming.

the backdrop

The backdrop -- a lotus flower cut and pieced together. Soft, delicate, and oh-so-Natori.

Set design was created by Brett Douglas. I wish this were the wall in my bedroom. So peaceful.

The model moved like a gazelle. Extremely graceful and smooth. Her long limbs are so picturesque and beautiful. I guess that is why she is a model!

This is the second Josie ad campaign that the model, Lais Oliveria has been a part of. She truly is a Josie Girl. Fun, confident, sweet, and oh-so-beautiful. A Brazilian beauty, she walked in the Marc Jacobs S/S 12 and Alexander Wang S/S 12 this past September. Expect to see her in many more shows, magazines, and advertisements. And not only gorgeous, Lais was real and kind.

Smoke machine

The smoke machine was brought out for some of the photos.

How chic!

I cannot wait to see the real images from the brilliant photographer, Alistair Taylor Young. He photographed the last Josie shoot, and his images were absolutely divine. I have no doubt that the final products will be breath-taking. Everything was just right for all the right images; striking model, well made and hip clothing, a master make up and hair artist, great set creation, a dream photographer. All in all, a perfect team for the perfect shoot.

9 outfits + 3 bra and undie mix-and-matched looks + 1 model + 9 hours of work + continuous upbeat and inspiring music + a gazillion photos = 1 successful Josie photo shoot!

Until Wednesday,

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl

Josie Girl


  1. Wow… what an incredible setting. Thank you for taking us behind the scenes and showing the inspiration!

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