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So in between errands this morning (pick up light bulbs at Home Depot and buy sea salt at Williams Sonoma), I ran into H&M to kill time before WS opened (who knew that they didn’t open up at 9 am?). I have a love-hate relationship with H&M – I love the prices and a lot of the looks, but the quality is what you pay for. Plus, it makes me feel like a teeny-bopper instead of a young adult. Not that that is bad, but shouldn’t I be more grown up and buy real items at real stores?


Anyway, in the 15 minutes I was there, I LUCKED out. And I am in love with the three items I bought!

H&M Bundle of socks

Check out how great this bundle of socks is. Simple grey with a touch of color on the top. Perfect for men or women.

First of all, these pairs of socks. $17.95 for 10 pairs. They will be perfect for both me and my honey all fall and winter.

Zoom socks

Up close and personal.

These five pairs of socks (for $9.99) also look great and you can buy online.


Awesome unisex socks from HM

A boxy striped shirt. Super easy to throw on and feel comfy and stylish. Plus, at the price, I don’t mind if it only lasts 4-7 wears.

orange and pink shirt

I love the orange and pink combination on this shirt. I love bright colors in general. And stripes too. SO bright colored stripes is so up my alley!

I did not get this tee, but I love long, striped tees, and it is available online. Super easy.

Striped tee

Love the fact that the length in the back of this tee is slightly longer than the front.

Another boxy top that looks like it would be good to wear both at the office and on the weekends. It covers up the extra layer I inherited in the summer too (and wait – shouldn’t the extra bulge have happened in winter and not summer?)

Brown and Navy top.

I love the shape of this simple shirt, as well as the additional details of the pockets. Then you will never lose your chapstick or cell phone.

Maybe I am not too old to shop at H&M?

Until Friday,

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl


Josie Girl

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